Friday, March 15, 2024


I've been off track this week. Not crazy off track, but enough that I'm starting to feel the pull back to the other side. The side of bad eating choices, no exercise, not taking care of myself properly. 

This post is for my accountability.  

We celebrated a close friend's birthday mid week which threw me off plan. We went out for dinner, which was a set menu and the choices were not great, but I did the best I could. I had planned before I left that I would only have soda water, but I caved. I had the wine. I had the dessert. I'm not proud but I have to be real with myself that this will happen and I need to deal with it and then get back on track. 

The problem is that I didn't. 

I didn't exercise yesterday and I had another unplanned, unhealthy meal last night. So it's Friday, which is usually my "splurge" night, but I'm going to stick to being good and forego the planned glass of wine at the pub tonight. It's soda water and a salad :).   Friday, after all is just another day in the week. My Friday was already had, on Wednesday! 

I'm exercising today too... and tomorrow! Just over a month until Hawaii! 


  1. How did your Friday go? Were you able to stick to your plan?

    1. LOL - somewhat... I did exercise but I also did have a small beer with dinner and an amazing Cioppino. The rest of the weekend, I was a good girl! :)