Monday, July 8, 2024

We continue...

I'm still struggling with my weight. It does not seem to be creeping up any longer but it's not dropping either.  It will drop a lb or 2 and then go up again. 

I'm still bloated, not in the same way that I was a few weeks back but I'm noticing much more "gas" than usual. I think I need to try dropping dairy to see if that improves things at all. 

I've also been tracking my blood pressure and it's been higher the last few weeks than before and I know that is because of the weight gain. 

I had been switching to weight training from cardio but I think I need to add the cardio back in. So instead of doing 3 strength training and 1 cardio a week I'm going to switch it and do 3 cardio and hopefully 1 to 2 strength a week.  

Still no period - I'm at 94 days now since my last one and I have been feeling PMS type symptoms for sure but nothing ever comes about. At this point, I hope I don't get another one and this is my entry into full menopause. The doctor says I have to be 1 year with no period to be considered in menopause. I had 5 cycles last  year so I know they are slowing down, but who knows if the last one that I had will be the official last one. 

It's been hot here as well. Today is 30 feels like 35 (86 feeling like 95 for those not in the Celsius world) I know it's not the crazy hot that those that live in the hot states and countries, but we don't have central air so anything above 22 (68) is hell in this house.  We do have air conditioners in our bedrooms so we can sleep at night comfortably. Don't really have the energy to get much done but hopefully the heat wave will only last a few days. 

That's it... keeping at it. SIGH

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